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Romagna's Capparella

Romagna's Capparella

Producer: Roberto Manzoni Hats

All-round mantel: 80% wool - 20% waterproof Alpaca produced by Moessmer. Traditional wear of the Romagna countryside made by several different fabrics: from poor restored wool for the country-men to noble wools for the aristocrats, traditionally in dark grey colour, or black for the infamous bushranger Passatore Cortese (an Italian Robin-Hood who really lived in the Romagna bush). It featured a leather collar for the poors or an Astrakan collar for the riches. We have opted for the showerproof wool and alpaca of Moessmer, because of the excessive weight of the other fabrics when watered by a sudden downpour. Over 5 m of fabric are necessary to manifacture a typical all-round Capparella Romagnola. Made in Italy.

Price: € 625,00 € 312,50

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Price: € 312,50
€ 625,00
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